JPO Consulting extend services capability for M3 Cloud by gaining consultant accreditation status for Infor XtendM3

XtendM3 is an extensibility tool targeted for modifying and extending M3 Business Engine in M3 Cloud Edition, by providing secure, scalable and upgradable customization.

For M3 there are different extensibility tools e.g. Mongoose, H5 Script, H5 SDK, etc. but the lack of capabilities for changing the business engine logic at real-time was the motivation to create another extensibility tool where real-time modification or extension of the logic is possible for M3 Cloud.

One benefit to using XtendM3 is that it gives you full access to the M3 database to read, write, update and delete any file in M3, although careful consideration has to be used before doing this, hence the need for gaining consultant accreditation and for the requirement for development approval via Infor as explained below.

An additional use case may be that you can now use XtendM3 to create bespoke files with these are only accessible through  an XtendM3 API.

Having successfully completed a number of specialised XtendM3 training courses on Infor Campus,  JPO Consulting have achieved Consultant accreditation, enabling JPO to carry out XtendM3 development work on behalf of M3 Cloud customers.  This Infor accreditation is mandatory for all developers before permitting use or switching on any development functionality for a customer.

Also, prior to deployment, all customisation developments will have to have been submitted to the Infor XtendM3 team for full approval of the development, both the overall requirement and underlying coding to ensure full compliance with Infor development standards, and that the new code will not impact M3 core functions or any other customer developments already deployed in the Multi-Tenant environment.

The approval process in itself is in-depth and comprehensive so knowledge of expectations in coding and documentation standards is key to ensuring all potential developments can be successfully deployed in the Infor Cloud.

As with all developments, it is always a matter of accessing the need and finding the best fit, something we would be pleased to advise on.  For more information on JPO’s capabilities and how we might be able to assist your development requirement, our Contacts page has all our details.

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JPO Solutions Limited, from its head office in South Wales, is one of the UK’s leading technical consultancies and Infor Partners specialising in Infor Mongoose and Infor Mongoose based applications such as Infor CloudSuite Industrial and Infor Factory Track, along with providing consultancy services for SQL Server and Bartender®, we provide the one stop solution for your business critical systems.


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